Go/No-Go Task

Studies: 241   |   Proportions of No-Go: 6-60%   |   Trial durations: 800-17500 ms

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Shibata et al. (1999)

Method: EEG

Proportion of No-Go
Maximum Trial Duration
5520 ms

Full Reference

Shibata, T., Shimoyama, I., Ito, T., Abla, D., Iwasa, H., Koseki, K., Yamanouchi, N., Sato, T., & Nakajima, Y. (1999). Event-related dynamics of the gamma-band oscillation in the human brain: Information processing during a GO/NOGO hand movement task. Neuroscience Research, 33(3), 215-22. doi: 10.1016/S0168-0102(99)00003-6

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